IB Transition programme - Year 9 or 10

Welcome to transition programme - IB Year 9 or 10

Transition programme IB - AARHUS GYMNASIUM, Tilst

Practical information

Duration: two or three days.

Place: AARHUS GYMNASIUM, Kileparken 25, 8381 Tilst.

Meeting time: 8:30-14:00.

Canteen: MobilePay or credit card.

Absence: contact your own school.


You can look forward to a couple of days of experiences and challenges. 

You will have a full programme, just like the IB-students, but your lessons are specially planned for you and the rest of the transition team. You will sample several different subjects and learn about the possibilities to make up your own timetable at the IB programm. You will meet IB teachers and IB students from all over the world and in this way get an idea of what it is like to be an IB student.


You will get answers to questions like

  • What kind of education is IB?
  • What is special for IB compared to other youth education programmes?
  • How do IB students experience their everyday life at the school?
  • How do I become an IB student?
  • What career opportunities will I have with an IB exam?
  • What international opportunities does an IB exam give me?

We expect from you

  • That you take active part in the teaching
  • that you bring computer, paper and pen
  • that you are present in all lessons