The Pre-IB programme at AARHUS GYMNASIUM

The Pre-IB year consists of both set and elective subjects, all taught with an international perspective. This is combined with courses in Pre-TOK and Pre-CAS, which mirror some of the holistic characteristics of the Diploma Programme and encourage students to think beyond the confines of the classroom. Together, this enables our Pre-IB students to gain fundamental subject knowledge and make informed choices about their subject choices for the Diploma Programme.

Nominally, the Pre-IB equates to the first year of the three-year Danish national upper secondary school qualifications (STX). While also preparing students for the Diploma Programme, AARHUS GYMNASIUM’s Pre-IB programme is planned in accordance with Danish regulations and thus also includes important evaluations in General Science, General Linguistics, the History Research Project as well as end-of-year tests. This makes it a challenging, developmental and formative programme in its own right. Passing the Pre-IB gives students ‘C-level’ qualifications in a number of subjects, which can be important later, for example when applying for university or in the event that students wish to switch to a different educational programme, such as the STX.

Many of our former Pre-IB students have attained excellent grades upon completion of the Diploma Programme and reflect back upon the Pre-IB as a period of substantial personal and academic growth. This makes us especially proud of the unique contribution the Pre-IB has made to a significant number of our students.

For further information about AARHUS GYMNASIUM's Pre-IB Programme, please contact

Maria Friis Lindinger, Pre-IB Coordinator
Mail: mfli@aarhustech.dk
Phone:+45 2072 8484


Pre-IB subjects:
Set subjects: English, History, Social Science, Maths, Physics, PE, General Linguistics, General Science
Elective subjects: Danish (Advanced/Intermediate/Beginners), 3rd Language (French/German/Spanish), 2nd Science (Biology/Chemistry), Creative subject (Music/Visual Arts)

Pre-IB Transition Programme

A two or three day introductory course for the pre-IB Programme at AARHUS GYMNASIUM.

You have chosen to attend the transition programme ('brobygning') for the pre-IB at Aarhus Gymnasium, because you are considering applying for this course of education instead of one of the national Danish educations.

In the course of the two or three days you will get a sense of what life is like as a pre-IB student at our school. All teaching will be done in English.

  • You will get a full timetable with pre-IB subjects
  • You will get information about the contents of a pre-IB year and what it takes to continue onto the IB Diploma Programme
  • You will be given the opportunity to talk to pre-IB students
  • You will get a sense of the personal and academic qualifications needed in the IB programme
  • You will get information about how you can use an IB Diploma in your further studies

What we expect from you:

  • That you are here on time
  • That you participate actively in class
  • That you bring writing tools and paper
  • That you attend all classes
  • That your English is above average