Application for IB

The application deadline for IB is March 1st of every year

Apply for IB via OpenApply

AARHUS GYMNASIUM's IB department uses OpenApply for admissions to the Pre-IB and IB programmes.

Carefully read the guide to applying via Open Apply before proceeding with your application.

For Danish students or international students coming from the Danish school system

If you are a student, coming from the Danish 9th or 10th grade or an international school in Denmark, you will need to apply through your “UU-vejleder”. He or she will help you fill out a form on optagelse.dk and write an education plan (“uddannelsesplan”). You will also need to fill out an application through Open Apply.

If you are a Danish student who has spent a year on a school exchange programme, you need to apply through your UU-vejleder and use Open Apply.

If you are a Danish student who has been out of “Folkeskolen”, you need only apply via Open Apply.

For international students

If you are an international student, applying from outside of Denmark, you need to apply through Open Apply.

Additional information

Admissions Tests

In case your application does not meet the entry requirements for the desired programme, and you have applied by the deadline, you will be asked to sit an admissions test in maths and English. There will also be a short interview with a member of the IB team.

Late applications

We do accept late applications provided that there are available spaces in the desired programme. Late applicants will not be offered an admissions test should they not meet the entry requirements.

For late applications we kindly ask that you contact the Head of IB Admission in relation to your application.

Choosing IB subjects

When choosing your IB subjects, we advise applicants to seek information about IB subjects via the IB subject briefs, consider entry requirements for university courses where applicable and seek guidance from the Head of IB Admissions.

Open evening

The school holds an annual open evening in January to provide information about the school and its educational programmes and we warmly encourage potential applicants and their families to attend.

This year's event was held January 12th. In case you could not be there, feel free to explore our online presentation.

Head of IB Admissions
Maria Friis Lindinger
Phone: +45 2072 8484
Mail: mfli@aarhustech.dk